Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sight & Sound Magazine: January 2018

Always a highlight at the end of the year, Sight & Sound's annual poll of the year's best films has already caused some consternation this year with the inclusion of Twin Peaks: The Return in second place. I didn’t vote for it (I didn’t even see it!), and in fact I think this is the first year since I’ve been invited to partake in the S&S poll that none of my selections have ended up in the final ranking. It’s a solid list, though, and the new issue contains a number of selections by individual voters, which is always the most interesting part of a poll like this. I’ve also contributed to the end-of-year review with an article looking at the veteran filmmakers who have made late works in 2017, and I’ve reviewed David Gordon Green’s new film Stronger. The magazine is on sale now.