Mostly Film

A blog started in 2011 by contributors to the now-dead Guardian talkboards, Mostly Film covers the arts from a variety of angles and has contributions from a eclectic range of great writers. The articles I've written for the site are linked below.

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2017 My third year in Bologna

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2016 My report on this year's festivities in Bologna

Disguises du Cinema Reviewing a new biography of Eric Rohmer

Ctrl+Alt+Action A look at a new form of interactive cinema

Tricks of the Trade A review of Paul Verhoeven's experimental drama Tricked

Orson Welles: One-Man Band A review of the latest installment of Simon Callow's biography

The Man Behind Man with a Movie Camera A look at the work of Dziga Vertov

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2015 Looking back at my first trip to Bologna

Forty Guns A review of Sam Fuller's ace western

A Fuller Life On a new documentary about Sam Fuller

Gregory's Boys Reviewing The Last Seduction

Diary of a Lost Girl A review of Louise Brooks' second collaboration with GW Pabst

Night Moves Kelly Reichardt's low-key thriller

Victim A look back at Basil Dearden's groundbreaking British drama

Too Late Blues An underrated studio drama from John Cassavetes

Barney and Friends An unforgettable weekend spent with Matthew Barney

The Piano Jane Campion's masterful love story

There’s a War on…Somewhere Revisiting Billy Wilder's acidic masterpiece Ace in the Hole

Berlin Alexanderplatz On Fassbinder's TV epic

One Day in Paradise A day spent watching Ulrich Seidl's trilogy

The Hothouse Harold Pinter's play revived at the Trafalgar Theatre

Tanner 88 Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Robert Altman's mix of fiction and reality

Under the Skin of The Singing Detective Discovering Denis Potter's groundbreaking miniseries

The Eyes Have It A look at Fritz Lang's iconic villain Dr. Mabuse

“It’s (almost) All True!” – Orson Welles’ F For Fake Revisiting Welles' last masterpiece

Lost in the Red Desert A look at Antonioni's first colour feature

London 2012 - The Olympic Shorts Reviewing the short films commissioned for the games

The Passionate Christ On Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ

Trishna Michael Winterbottom's India-set Thomas Hardy adaptation

Love, Sex, Betrayal & Spoons – A Night With Tommy Wiseau My introduction to the surreal majesty of The Room

Going Loco at the BFI Southbank The inaugural LoCo Comedy Festival

Rewriting History with Lightning – DW Griffith’s Birth of a Nation On Griffith's notorious silent epic

Premiere Japan 2011 A weekend of new Japanese cinema at the Barbican

Undiscovered Country: The Films of Edward Yang Celebrating a great filmmaker at the BFI

The Only Way is Essex? On three British gangster films that tell the same story

Perfect 10 Looking back at Kieslowski's Dekalog

2011: A Film Odyssey Previewing Mark Cousin's ambitious TV series The Story of Film

The Passion of the Kinski A review of Klaus Kinski's outrageous autobiography

Looking Back into Darkness: Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah A day spent watching Lanzmann's singular Holocaust documentary

Reopening Heaven's Gate Defending Michael Cimino's much-maligned flop

Kenji Mizoguchi - Japan's Forgotten Master A look at one of my favourite filmmakers